Sell your home quickly and save thousands in the process.

Our pre-listing services help homeowners save money on their home sale through preparation. Planning ahead will help your home stand out and give you leverage to get the best deal on the sale. Learn more about how you can save thousands by using our services.  
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An accurate listing price is crucial for attracting homebuyers in a competitive market. Full appraisals can take weeks. Get an estimate of your home's value in minutes.

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Get an Inspection to Make Repairs

Having a professional inspection before buyers tour your home shows you what to repair. Making repairs on your own saves money in the long run because buyers will have less negotiation power at closing.

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Our selling agents have agreed to 4% or less sale commission rather than the standard 6-8%

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How You Can Save Money With Pre-Listing Services

Preparation is key. We help guide you through the process so you can have the upper-hand in negotiations. All of your hard work earns a 4% sale commission and saves money in a few ways. 


≤ 4% Commission


A 4% (or less) sale commission on a $200,000 home can save you over $6,000.


Quick Repairs


Inspections tell you what to fix. Fixing it yourself or hiring a family friend is much cheaper.


More Access 


Choose an agent you want from our network of listing agents who are eager to help. 


Accurate Listing


Attract qualified homebuyers and gain negotiating power for the best possible deal.